Domestic distribution. We have achieved 100% penetration in all retail chain stores and supermarkets in respect to the videogame business.

We have agreements with the major companies of game development as well as hardware manufacturers.

As distributors we have enormous experience and expertise in the development and implementation of new business lines.



One-stop solutions for our customers.

Since its inception Ardistel has worked constantly to expand, create and maintain a broad network of suppliers and manufacturers that can meet virtually any requirement of our customers. We specialize in product search and selection of suppliers.

We have over 25 years’ experience in developing, manufacturing and the commercialization of products for our brands and those of our customers.


We are specialists in the development, design and implementation of own brand products and packaging with over 15 years’ experience.

Our creative team has designed and developed exclusive products for World Wrestling Entertainment, Inc, Spanish National Soccer Team, Warner Bros, Disney, etc. We also have products for Apple devices with MFI license, "Made for iPhone / iPod / iPad" as well as "Designed for iPhone / iPod / iPad."

The products developed by Ardistel combine quality, design and competitive prices. We have developed more than a thousand references and we continue to increase our catalogue, we are experts in product development.



Ardistel is located at the Logistics Platform of Zaragoza (PLAZA), with a total area of 13.117.977 m2 it is the largest logistics location in Europe. We have the best infrastructure in Europe in our market: 5.500 m2 of ultra-modern storage capacity for more than 14,000 euro pallets and 1,500 m2 of office space.

Why Ardistel?
Excellent management of the supply chain.
Proven experience in sales, marketing, order fulfilment, warehousing and distribution.
Customer service.
Worldwide procurement.